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January 20, 2005


Gerry Keim

Very much enjoying the travel blogg thus far. Your sense of wit is holding up well in the tough conditions. I know it can be difficult to draw humour from the mind while vital bodily fluids flow from the body. Good to hear that you got a nightmare bus trip under your belt early, as this will keep you in good stead for the many terrors of the road that lie ahead. Malay she-cusions! Surely an advertising man like you could find a market for such a wonderul product. I'll take half a dozen thanks, but do they come in any other colurs than brown?
Oh Bangkok! it will always have a special place in my heart and in my groin. There's something about that town which seems to tear one apart. I think it is the constant battle that rages within whereby your penis and ego beg you stay one more night, while your other organs, your logical mind and your conscience all scream at you to get out of there while you still have some shred of purity left in your soul. You feel like a 6ft flesh covered pinball as you bounce from wonder to lust to love to guilt to fear to fascination to lust to love and onward again and that is before you have strolled the full length of Patpong 1. Oh what a crazy, fucked up magnificent swirl of heat, humidity, and tragic hedonism.
You must send me an adults only version of the travellog, so I can experience the pleasures vicariously. As I always say, too many "reality programmes" and not enough debauched reality. I know the orient and I know you. So like gunpowder and sparks, if you place the two in close contact, then you better stand back as there's bound to be some collateral damage.
I just came back from 2 weeks in Korea with Sunny. Pretty low key holiday but of course nice to see Sunny after 4 months apart. Fuckin cold though. Gad it was cold!! -12c at night to a positively balmy -2c by day. Good news is that she has now received her visa and will return to Sydney on the 25th of Jan.
Really looking forward to seeing her but also feeling a little nervous about returning to the controlled lifestyle of the live in couple. Not that I have been playing up, but I have really enjoyed the tranquilty and freedom of life on my own, without the constant presence of obligations and potential conflict that come with relationships. i am sure you know what I mean. However I expect my apprehension will settle next week.
On that note, due to Sunny's quite reasonable objections, I have revised my travel plans which may run a little more closely with yours. I intend to do the trip to Europe with her first between Oct and Dec this year. Following that I intend to travel onto to latin America by myself for what i hope to be 4 months. The target is to be in Puerto Rico in January and then progressively moving South through central and southern america from there. Hopefully including Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia and then onwards to Peru, Brazil, Argentina etc., finishing off in Chile around April 06. Keep me informed on the your plans as it would be great to link up at some stage if possible.


Gerry Keim
Contracts Administrator

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