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January 05, 2005



Complete amateursville.
Although I did enjoy the reference to driving a Powerpoint whilst under the influence of a hang over.
Sadly The Lamb appears to have completely lost his mojo.
Only one girl? I fondly remember nights trawling the town with The Lamb and admiring him at peak of his form.
One most memorable marathon session started out quietly enough with a demonstration of impossibly high karate kicks and brutal elbowing techniques at Zouk. Following an undignified exit we decided to step up to a more professional gear and embarked on a rigorous talent quest through the welcoming and less judgemental bars of The Four Floors. This relentless and uncompromising pursuit of the three cornerstones of a successful night out - quality, quantity and variety - resulted in a most satisfying way with the uninhibited and thoroughly entertaining 'Geylang Mixed Gender Under 19 Netball Team' at The mighty Mitre Hotel.
Ah happy days...I think...it's all a bit blurry now.


Hey, when did you add this in? and where are you and why.

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