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April 01, 2005


John L

You lucky, lucky bastard


somehow this post reminded me that I am going to see steven wright tonight...
I shall laugh, quite a bit.
I shall

John Mallen

The worst job I ever 'ad was nothing to do with lobsters or Jayne Mansfield. No, it was on the Dogems on the Grand Pier Weston Super Mare. I shagged a girl called Clover from Manchester in the Ghost Train. They crew of the Ghost had a ratty mattress in a tiny space near the luminous skelington. It was great. Clover gave me a dose of the crabs and a membership card for the Twisted Wheel Club in Manchester. I've never been to Manchester.


I take it the merry-go-round wasn't always operating. You must have been working at the Jerudong Bemusement Park, Brunei. Take it easy.


Before that I operated the mood swings.

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