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May 09, 2005



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Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

Hong Anh

my fav word??
1. ballistic
2. science fiction (read by a french person)
3.macchu picchu (i know its a name of the place but i just adore it)
well that's it for now,as I'm not able to think of anything else


I know I am terribly late to this but I havesome medical words that should cause some concern if uttered to you:
Synonyms for f*** knows:
- idiopathic, primary, essential, cryptogenic, protean.
Synonyms for woops, sorry:
- nosocomial, iatrogenic.

Protean and nosocomial are both beautiful words but the thought of a protean infection of probable nosocomial origin does not bear thinking about.
Other nice sonding medical words:
turgor and its relative turgid


Also I would like to make a late and possibly controversial entry into the most beautiful word competition. I have only one candidate and it is the word, ARSEWIPE.
I believe it to be a most special creation of human thought for a variety of reasons.
Upon its release from the tongue, it flows effortlessly through the ether to create a somewhat exquisite aural sensation as it twists it's way through the eustacian tubes.
The human brain then transforms these delicous vibrations into a magnificent visual display upon the front lobe, a veritible kaleidscope (another terrific word) of colur (well a kaleidscope across the brown scale anyway) and texture within the consciousness.
It's ability to multi - task is also rather unique and fetching.
It can go from a straight forward noun as in: " pass me that ARSEWIPE before this shit running down my legs soils my new socks"
To a powerful descriptive tool as in: "that guy in the suit draging his little briefcase through the crowded city footpaths on that trolley thing is a real ARSEWIPE of a man!"
Yes a veritable plethora (another terrific word) of functions. It is surely an entity (another personal favourite) that truly deserves a place in the Partheon of words of wonder!

Steve E


jo dalton

Sorry, I meant to preface my previous comment with a reiteration of the beauty of the word 'mellifluous'. I believe it's going to be hard to beat.

jo dalton

Am I too late ?

Margaret Throsby, Marianne Arnold on Classic FM, Lucky Oceans on the Planet, Val Kilmer, Richard Burton, all rich gorgeous voices.

Oleaginous – Slippery characters
Peripatetic – Comings and goings
Redoubtable – as in ‘don’t fuck with her/him’
Sucks – as in ‘that….”
Sizzle – just a sexy word
Who is John Mallen ?
Fuckwit is a superb suggestion.
I applaud you, good sir.
Purr – as in pussy cat
Soul – as in deep
Gash – as in deep cut
Flutter – as in butterfly’s wings
A little bit – always adds a special flavour to the adjective to follow
Missive – as in Lambie’s travel logs
Histrionic – as in the antics of Miss Slater with Lambie in Yr 9 history
Miscreant – well, you know who you are
Tosser – so do you
Sizzle – just a sexy word
Carpe Diem – does Latin count ?
Odyssey – for all the surfers out there

Like Nicchia, I’ll add the words I dislike:
Synergy – I defy anyone to disagree with me
DEfense – what is it with everyone wanting to copy the American basketball commentators ?
Scrotum – I agree with you James
Eucharist – Sorry, I work in an Anglican school and the word just irks me…..a lot.

That’ll do donkey. Oh, harley, I just read your blurb. Add ‘pathetic suck up’ to the list.

Love your work John boy.


With tongue firmly embedded in (my own) cheek, surely if the global traveller, (who hasn't issued a squeak in 16 days!!, 16 you hear JL, we're all pining for a post back here!!), is the sole and omnipotent judge of this contest, and given his stated predilection for mellifluousness, then there can be only one word that has a chance of winning.
And that word is JOHN.
Surely the sweetest sounding word in the world to his ears.
However if this feeble fawning flattery fails, I humbly submit either
PLENIPOTENTIARY- one who is conferred full power or authority as an agent or
SARGASSO - a region or Sea in the North Atlantic known for its calm conditions and named for the abundance of sargassum (a floating brown algae found in tropical seas and having a main stem with flattened outgrowths like leaves, and branches with berry-like air sacs) found there.

John Mallen

this whole fucking thing is getting out of hand. The only solution is categories and I propose a seperate category for invective (in itself not a bad word).

I offer, in this category, the powerful spondee:




Both words, approprately delivered, are concise and leave little doubt as to the speaker's intent.



maybe when one say this word it has to be felt from the heart and end with a smile...that's why I find it beautiful

Peace, love and happiness


It's the only word that I truly adore. A word that sounds dirty, humerous, scientific, and has feminine hygiene undertones all at the same time - yet it is simply spiked climbing footwear.


skaydaven- I trust a regional Queensland colloquialism (which I'll also have) is acceptable at this point.


not forgetting frabjous ofcourse!


Noting the bar has been raised to include Irish words of such clout as curtha and blasket and the piquant French soutien-gourge I can only take this as an invitation to procede to the natural limit - Carolese. Please open the gates then Lambers to:
and for the truly unihibited, the thrill of the latin rendition, vorpali gladio!


re. that previous posting: apparently it has a more traditional spelling (!): scal·a·wag (points for homework and self-correction, shurely shome mishtake), though I prefer the more modern, metric equivalent. We drink, we try, we hope for a prize in the afterlife.


You've hit on a winner here, Mr Lambie, clearly. A few more of these and you can introduce a cover charge for this nightclub. Still, not a one has looked in the mirror and stated the obvious, the link and theme, the one that tells the tale and wins the prize for accuracy, coverage of the crowd, and aesthetic purity (look, sound, feel), and that word, I am happily sorry to say is: skalliwag. all of you.

David Whittle


hab·er·dash·er·y (hăb'ər-dăsh'ə-rē)
n., pl. -ies.
A haberdasher's shop.
The goods and wares sold by a haberdasher.



ion charged both positively and negatively.

-- Coop

Wack Daddy

at the risk of raising the bar too high..i feel there is a whole class of words being somewhat overlooked..i am not sure if this is a result of a lack of proper schooling or just not being down with the 411..some examples:
-"boo-yah" (as in sound of a shot-gun as may be used in drive-by..or to express that something is dope)
-"shacky-lacky" (suffix added to boo-yah to add emphasis)
..and of course "bubonic"..as in "some bubonic chronic that make me choke"
..these are not necessarily formal submissions as much as suggestions to widen the arena of discourse...

Tara Mallen

My words aren't chosen for their usefulness, they're chosen for the way the please the eye on the page. Here they are:

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