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May 08, 2005



In support of my 'beautiful words' entry, I thought a limerick might be helpful:

There once was a prolix Australian
Whose manner was sesquipedalian
His opinion on Herman,
A Green-voting German:
'An eliocephalocrat alien.'

John L

Eloquent phrasing and frighteningly accurate as a general description of not just my own view on life, but also that of the majority of the Toowoomba populace.


Heroic! I only used my child as an excuse so I wouldn't be reduce to lines such as :

There was a young wag from Towoomba
Who declared in a resonant boom "Bar
rooms are the place
where the whole human race
should dwell from the womb to the tomb lah!"


John L

Oh Cindy...
You've bowled me a googly there.
What rhymes with Toowoomba?
Just like orange, silver, purple, pint, month, nothing, filth and nostril, you'll be making an ass of my assonance.

Should I find a rhyme
Within the time,
'Tis sure to be
A word sublime.

... and you'll owe me big time if I can pull it off!


Excellent! I was about to attempt a reply starting
"There was a young wag from Towoomba"
but the wee fat person demands attendance so over to you...

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