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July 23, 2005



The most interesting busking I've ever seen occurred in Belgium.
I was wandering down the street in Bruge when I noticed there was 2 guys leaning over the edge of a small bridge over a canal.
When I got closer I discovered they were hanging a third guy by his ankles upside down over the side.
And there was another passing around his cap to collect money. There was no fancy dress, no music no nothing.
Just 2 ordinary looking guys hanging a third over the side of the bridge.
Its that sort of initiative that got Belgium to where it is today.


I agree. It's a crisis on the streets. But it presents a business opportunity: set up a stand selling rotten tomatoes for chucking, pin a target to the statue's back, winner take all. Sell beer, set up bleachers. Big money. You now have a new career, lamboid. And if you're really as angry as you sound, maybe think about incorporating some of the bull-fighting features outlined below. Once the tomatoes start flying, the statue will definitely start charging at you, then out come the capes, the blades, the blood, the roar of the crowd. Fun and profit. No need to thank me.

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