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July 06, 2005


Ross Chalmers

I missed out on the word competition! What about bamboozle?
or my personal favourite:


To the head Judge,
I write to note my bitter dissapointment with the result of the 'most beautiful word comp' 2005. Like the archibald, I feel the judging erred on the side of conservatism. The panel seemed to be unwilling and unable to grasp the true aesthestic contained within some of the more radical entries, such as 'mucus', 'scrofulous', and my own gorgeous submission,'arsewipe!'. This timid approach by the panel will only encourage an escalation of the insipidity that is poisoning the linguistic world. I hope you will take on board this criticism and show a more bold approach in determination of your criterias for success in next year's comp. Well there's no point in wallowing in my own self pity, for as that great 20th century philospher Adolph Hitler once said, "it is better to be dishonourably mentioned then not mentioned at all."
Jerry Keim (6/7/05)

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