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August 01, 2005


Pete Lambie

I'm not really qualified to give an educated recommendation. Like Kinky Friedman once said, " I know so little about art, I don't even know what I like". However, I reckon if Norman Lindsay was born in Florence 500 years earlier he definitely would have upped the count of Delilah, Jezebels and Queen of Shebas hanging from the Ufizi's walls.


Paolo Uccello, perspective man, foreshortener, wizard, never made any money from it though.

John Mallen

wot's the all stars team? If it's cheap I want to join.

John Mallen

For Fuck's sake. If you're goin to admit non-wops then you've got to give out two more guernseys, one for the late great Albrect Durer. He's got to get it for doin the details brill. Just look at the bloke in armour, or the hare, or the bits of grass.

Then there's Holbein who did these great polaroids that show you what the bloke looks like (good enough) you say, but he also shows you what his mind looked like as well. Better than digital. He gets his shirt for the all stars team...well, I reckon.

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